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> Gisle Aas wrote:
> > 
> > You need to use LWP-5.60.  Chunked transfer encoding is an HTTP/1.1
> > feature.
> Yes, I know it's a 1.1 feature.  CPAN seems to list 5.53 as the
> latest LWP, unless I'm missing something.  So where do I get 5.60,
> and how stable is it?

Then your CPAN must be stale.  It is on CPAN.  It was upload almost 2
weeks ago.

Time will tell if it is stable.  I think it is.

> If you mean that there's no way I can do chunked transfer-encoding
> of request content with less than LWP 5.60.. well, I'm disappointed,
> but oh well.. :-)

Yes, 5.60 is the first "non-developer-only" release that supported

Gisle Aas

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