Steve Fink <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Quoting Gisle Aas ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):
> > Steve Fink <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > 
> > > In fact, I think I'll pester you directly for the next thing -- I was
> > > just wondering if you had any plans to change Net::HTTP (as you
> > > threaten in the documentation). If so, let me put in a feature request.
> > 
> > I think the interface is pretty good now and will basically stay that
> > way.
> Good, I don't want the interface to change. The _rbuf method is the
> only one that makes me nervous, but it's probably necessary as long as
> IO::Handles can't unget?

The "_" in front of these method names should be an indication that I
think this is a bit ugly and the part of the API that is most

I could probably make a nicer interface, for instance based on the
protocol code calling ->http_read() and ->http_unread().  I was a bit
afraid of getting too many levels of indirection when I wrote that

The current 'readline' code looks like this:

   for (${*$self}{'http_buf'}) {
      while (not enough in $buf)) {
          sysread($self, $_, 1024);
      return substr($_, 0, $pos, "");

with a cleaner interface it could look like this:

   $_ = "";
   while (not enough in $buf) {
       $self->http_read($_, 1024);
   my $line = substr($_, 0, $pos, "");
   $self->http_unread($_) if length;
   return $line;

I should probably meassure this.  Perhaps the cost is not as big as I
think and it would really be worthwhile to clean up that part of the

> > Does this sound like a plan?
> Sounds good to me!

Good.  I just did this change and then uploaded libwww-perl-5.61 to
CPAN.  The change also made the LWP::Protocol::https module much

But, the main reason to get 5.61 out is that there was a serious bug
in the handling of 'Host' header when going through a proxy:

There was lots of discussion about the handling of bad protocol
headers this week. No fix for that made it into this release.  This
has to wait until 5.62.

> > Can anybody suggest a better name than 'Net::HTTP::Methods'?
> Net::HTTP::Protocol? ::Process?

Hmmm.  I'm not sure I like those.  And I don't feel obliged to keep
'Net::HTTP::Methods' even though this is the name it has in the
released 5.61.  More suggestions are still welcomed.

How about calling it ::Mixin?  Actually we have some precedence for
that in LWP::MemberMixin, but no other CPAN module uses that word.
Any other precedence for naming from similar inheritance patterns?


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