Alex Shinn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I've been working on an application with a template engine that expects
> to be able to parse nested tags within a <textarea>.  The original
> development was done on HTML::Parser 3.19, but when I recently upgraded
> I discovered that as of 3.22 this behaviour was changed to parse
> textarea in literal mode.


> This seems a little odd to me, though I guess textarea is kind of an odd
> tag to begin with.  As your message in the mailing list says
> (,
> browsers handle textarea in a somewhat CDATA mode.  However, HTML
> generators and more general parsers know that textarea does not receive
> such special behaviour from the standard, and expect to be able to parse
> into it.  In such a generator, tags such as <b> would be handled or
> reproduced as they normally would, and then it would be up to the
> browser to do the special processing of the textarea contents.
> As a temporary workaround, I've simply commented out the line in my
> local HTML::Parser code referring to textarea, and I have a few other
> workarounds I can use.  But it might be nice if there were a cleaner
> option or method I could call to toggle the textarea behaviour.

An option to toggle this behaviour would be fine with me.  I don't
think I can find time to do it myself, but I'm likely to apply a
contributed patch.

You could also consider creating a new parser object and then tell it
to parse the text the first parser found in the textarea.


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