Rodent of Unusual Size <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Since I work directly with the HTTP protocol stuff a lot,
> one thing that has always bothered me about the (otherwise
> incredibly handy & useful) GET, HEAD, and POST scripts is
> that they *don't* provide a complete verbatim report of
> the request-line and response-line, even under the most
> verbose conditions.  Instead of showing what was actually
> sent, namely:
>   GET /foo.txt HTTP/1.1
> they *lie*, and tell me they sent:
>   GET
> Notice particularly the lack of protocol version.

Actually, the script has no way to find out what protocol version was
sent.  There is nothing in the LWP API that allows a protocol driver
to reveal that.  We could perhaps manage to make the LWP::Debug
'+conns' stuff more useful.

> Similarly, they'll report a response-line of
>   GET --> 200 OK
> instead of what I want to see, which was the line actually
> sent back:
>   HTTP/1.1 200 OK

This information is actually available.

> Is there simply an option I can't find that will report these
> explicit and uninterpreted details?  It looks as though
> the status_line is interpreted in HTTP::Response and not
> really available in its raw form anywhere..

We should be able to recreate this with:

   ($res->protocol || "????/?.?") . " " . $res->status_line


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