Blair Zajac <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Thanks.  Is it possible to do something smarter, like have a list of
> hostnames with bad servers and use LWP::Protocol::http10 for them and
> http11 for the rest?

Sure.  If somebody contribute an appropriate patch :-)

But I still think the goal should be to make the HTTP/1.1 driver good
enough for real use against bad servers.

> It appears that the code
> if ($ENV{PERL_LWP_USE_HTTP_10}) {
>     require LWP::Protocol::http10;
>     LWP::Protocol::implementor('http', 'LWP::Protocol::http10');
>     eval {
>         require LWP::Protocol::https10;
>         LWP::Protocol::implementor('https', 'LWP::Protocol::https10');
>     };
> }
> sets up the implementor for all LWP::UserAgent's and it doesn't allow
> for one LWP::UserAgent to use a different implementor.  Is this true?



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