A new release was uploaded today to unconfuse CPAN.  The changes that
made it to this release where:

    The $VERSION of LWP::UserAgent wrapped around.  This confused the
    CPAN indexer.  Bumped the major number to 2 to fix this.

    Net::HTTP did not work well on perl5.003.  The PeerHost argument
    to IO::Socket::INET was not recognized, so we had to use PeerAddr
    instead.  The syswrite() method also required a length argument.

    Net::HTTP did not deal with transfer encoding tokens in a
    case-insensitive way.  Patch by Blair Zajac <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>.

    The jigsaw-chunk test failed on MacOS because "\n" is different.
    Patch by Chris Nandor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>.


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