Edward Avis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> That fixes the failure... but what is the criterion you use for deciding
> whether something should be a prerequisite, or optional and tests turned
> off if it isn't there?  I mean you could do the same sort of thing if
> Net::FTP isn't installed, skipping the FTP based tests.

It is based on how cripled LWP becomes if the feature is not present
and based on avoiding "false" bug reports.

Digest::MD5 is only needed if you don't need to do "Digest Access
Authentication".  I think 'jigsaw-auth-d.t' is the only test for it.
We could skip it like we do for 'jigsaw-te.t' if Digest::MD5 is not

MIME::Base64 is only needed if you do basic authentication or try to
use data:-URIs.

HTML::Parser can be avoided if you turn off $ua->parse_head.

Net::FTP is only needed if you do ftp:-URIs and you don't configure a

Without Compress::Zlib, Net::HTTP will not announce that we can deal
with the "deflate" and "gzip" Transfer-Encoding on the wire.  This can
waste some of your bandwidth.

The URI dependency is the only you can't avoid.


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