Michael Bauer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hi.  I'm trying to take a list of urls:
>   www.foo.com
>   www.bar.edu
>   www.baz.gov
> and get the titles.  Problem is, some of the urls don't exist.  Setting
> the timeout low in User Agent from what I understand doesn't really apply
> until after a connection is made and data is being processed, so I can
> obviously wait quite a while to begin timing out for a non-existent url!

It is supposed to work.  The timeout you specified is passed down to
the underlying IO::Socket::INET constructor call and it is supposed to
honored the timeout during the connect().

But the timeout does not apply to the DNS lookup (which is done via

Do you have at IO-1.20 installed?  Older version of the IO module is
known to have timeout problems on some operating systems.


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