On Thu 2016-01-21 01:10:52 -0500, Guido Günther wrote:
> The config file variables are always called debian-branch and
> upstream-branch. We only have the --git-* prefix on the commandline of
> "gbp buildpackge" to distinguish our options from options passed to the
> builder (this was inspired by svn-buildpackage back then).

ok, that makes sense (it would be nice if it was clearly documented
someplace -- i didn't find this pattern described in the manpages i was
reading, but maybe i didn't look in the right place)

> So if 
> debian-branch = <whatever>
> does not work this would be a bug. I don't see this here though.

I think this is the case, alas.  I'm seeing:

0 dkg@alice:~/src/libreswan/libreswan$ cat debian/gbp.conf 
pristine-tar = True
upstream-branch = master
upstream-vcs-tag = v%(version)s
0 dkg@alice:~/src/libreswan/libreswan$ gbp buildpackage -uc -us
gbp:error: You are not on branch 'master' but on 'debian'
gbp:error: Use --git-ignore-branch to ignore or --git-debian-branch to set the 
branch name.
1 dkg@alice:~/src/libreswan/libreswan$ gbp buildpackage --help | grep -A2 -e 
                        Branch the Debian package is being developed on,
                        default is 'master'
0 dkg@alice:~/src/libreswan/libreswan$ cd
0 dkg@alice:~$ gbp config buildpackage.debian-branch
0 dkg@alice:~$ 

But "gbp buildpackage -uc -us --git-debian-branch=debian" works fine :/

> The code did not change recently so I really wonder what could trigger
> this on your end? Are you overriding branch names in a
> [buildpackage]
> section as well?

no, i have no such section in any of the gbp.conf's that i'm aware of.

so i'm still puzzled.

Thanks for looking into it though.  anything else i should do to try to
debug?  This used to work for me. :/

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