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>On Wed, Feb 17, 2016 at 10:34:19AM +0100, Tzafrir Cohen wrote:
>> The patch is indeed too agressive, but the problem is that copying all
>> the top-level files in the tree may fail if one of them is a symlink to
>> somewhere below in the tree.
>> Note that symlink is readable. It's not a dandling symlink. However the
>> copying of the packaging files only copies the top-level files.
>Sorry for the delay. Attached a more direct fix for the issue: when
>copying packaging files, skip symlinks to any files that are not in hte
>same directory.

Using os.path.isabs() instead of find() would me clearer, IMO. I.e.
+                elif os.path.islink(src) and not 

And, I would still emphasise (and recommend) the usage of the 
--git-packaging-dir option. If you move packaging files into a separate 
packaging dir (e.g. rpm/) you won't have this problem. I would even mention 
this in the commit message, i.e. something like:
"If --git-packaging-dir is not defined buildpackage-rpm considers all files..."


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