Commit:     0fc72b81d3111d114ab378935b1cf07680ca1289
Parent:     3b23c1f5fa7e4c99e9451958a1004ef7434a71f0
Author:     David Woodhouse <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
AuthorDate: Wed Jul 11 15:33:14 2007 +0100
Committer:  David Woodhouse <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
CommitDate: Wed Jul 11 15:33:14 2007 +0100

    [JFFS2] Add declaration of jffs2_lzo_{init,exit} to compr.h
    fs/jffs2/compr.c: In function ‘jffs2_compressors_init’:
    fs/jffs2/compr.c:320: warning: implicit declaration of function 
    fs/jffs2/compr.c: In function ‘jffs2_compressors_exit’:
    fs/jffs2/compr.c:346: warning: implicit declaration of function 
    Signed-off-by: David Woodhouse <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 fs/jffs2/compr.h |    4 ++++
 1 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/fs/jffs2/compr.h b/fs/jffs2/compr.h
index e1b7efb..7d1d72f 100644
--- a/fs/jffs2/compr.h
+++ b/fs/jffs2/compr.h
@@ -94,5 +94,9 @@ void jffs2_rtime_exit(void);
 int jffs2_zlib_init(void);
 void jffs2_zlib_exit(void);
+int jffs2_lzo_init(void);
+void jffs2_lzo_exit(void);
 #endif /* __JFFS2_COMPR_H__ */
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