Commit:     cedefa13db502432905c29819c195f46805b13eb
Parent:     c80ddf00cde4c21018dbd0ea2872736c90c7dda2
Author:     Tony Battersby <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
AuthorDate: Fri Dec 14 15:45:16 2007 -0500
Committer:  James Bottomley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
CommitDate: Tue Dec 18 16:04:09 2007 -0600

    [SCSI] sym53c8xx: fix "irq X: nobody cared" regression
    The patch described by the following excerpt from ChangeLog-2.6.24-rc1
    eventually causes a "irq X: nobody cared" error after a while:
    commit 99c9e0a1d6cfe1ba1169a7a81435ee85bc00e4a1
    Author: Matthew Wilcox <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
    Date:   Fri Oct 5 15:55:12 2007 -0400
        [SCSI] sym53c8xx: Make interrupt handler capable of returning IRQ_NONE
    After this happens, the kernel disables the IRQ, causing the SCSI card
    to stop working until the next reboot.  The problem is caused by the
    interrupt handler returning IRQ_NONE instead of IRQ_HANDLED after
    handling an interrupt-on-the-fly (INTF) condition.  The following patch
    fixes the problem.
    Signed-off-by: Tony Battersby <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
    Acked-by: Matthew Wilcox <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
    Signed-off-by: James Bottomley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 drivers/scsi/sym53c8xx_2/sym_hipd.c |    2 +-
 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

diff --git a/drivers/scsi/sym53c8xx_2/sym_hipd.c 
index 463f119..254bdae 100644
--- a/drivers/scsi/sym53c8xx_2/sym_hipd.c
+++ b/drivers/scsi/sym53c8xx_2/sym_hipd.c
@@ -2791,7 +2791,7 @@ irqreturn_t sym_interrupt(struct Scsi_Host *shost)
        istat = INB(np, nc_istat);
        if (istat & INTF) {
                OUTB(np, nc_istat, (istat & SIGP) | INTF | np->istat_sem);
-               istat = INB(np, nc_istat);              /* DUMMY READ */
+               istat |= INB(np, nc_istat);             /* DUMMY READ */
                if (DEBUG_FLAGS & DEBUG_TINY) printf ("F ");
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