Commit:     d536c9df41f5e47a37e22b46ea98451ce8134e55
Parent:     0b6a3342a645208feaab76332f1eee33e1688bd5
Author:     Michael Krufky <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
AuthorDate: Tue Dec 18 10:42:33 2007 -0300
Committer:  Mauro Carvalho Chehab <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
CommitDate: Fri Jan 25 19:04:09 2008 -0200

    V4L/DVB (6875): tuner-xc2028: ATSC requires 1.75 MHz tuning offset
    In my testing yesterday, I was using a scan file tailored specifically
    for a unique test situation -- As it turns out, this scan file was bad,
    and I will use the one included inside dvb-apps for testing for now on.
    I've tested with other ATSC tuners just to confirm, using:
    Anyhow, as it turns out, the tuner-xc2028 *does* require a tuning offset
    for ATSC.  Even though the linux-dvb api passes in center frequencies
    from userspace, apparantly the xceive firmware is already factoring in
    the tuning offset to center.
    In order to make the device function using the same scan files /
    channels.conf configurations as other atsc devices, we must offset by
    1.75 MHz.
    Signed-off-by: Michael Krufky <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
    Signed-off-by: Mauro Carvalho Chehab <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 drivers/media/video/tuner-xc2028.c |    4 +++-
 1 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

diff --git a/drivers/media/video/tuner-xc2028.c 
index d367f20..5ed12e2 100644
--- a/drivers/media/video/tuner-xc2028.c
+++ b/drivers/media/video/tuner-xc2028.c
@@ -873,7 +873,9 @@ static int generic_set_freq(struct dvb_frontend *fe, u32 
freq /* in HZ */,
        if (new_mode == T_ANALOG_TV) {
                rc = send_seq(priv, {0x00, 0x00});
-       } else if (!(priv->cur_fw.type & ATSC)) {
+       } else if (priv->cur_fw.type & ATSC) {
+               offset = 1750000;
+       } else {
                offset = 2750000;
                 * We must adjust the offset by 500kHz in two cases in order
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