Commit:     96f737490cfc368fdafe49769f52fc8460f9349f
Parent:     eb57c1cf059630454b40fb8bb124e3f318d241f8
Author:     Rafael J. Wysocki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
AuthorDate: Fri Oct 26 01:02:15 2007 +0200
Committer:  Len Brown <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
CommitDate: Fri Feb 1 18:30:53 2008 -0500

    Hibernation: Mark SNAPSHOT_SET_SWAP_FILE ioctl as deprecated (rev. 2)
    Mark the SNAPSHOT_SET_SWAP_FILE ioctl belonging to the hibernation userland
    interface as deprecated.
    Signed-off-by: Rafael J. Wysocki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
    Acked-by: Pavel Machek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
    Signed-off-by: Len Brown <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 Documentation/power/userland-swsusp.txt |   14 ++------------
 kernel/power/power.h                    |    1 -
 kernel/power/user.c                     |    9 +++++----
 3 files changed, 7 insertions(+), 17 deletions(-)

diff --git a/Documentation/power/userland-swsusp.txt 
index 381e9c0..0785500 100644
--- a/Documentation/power/userland-swsusp.txt
+++ b/Documentation/power/userland-swsusp.txt
@@ -67,23 +67,13 @@ SNAPSHOT_GET_SWAP_PAGE - allocate a swap page from the 
resume partition
 SNAPSHOT_FREE_SWAP_PAGES - free all swap pages allocated with
-SNAPSHOT_SET_SWAP_FILE - set the resume partition (the last ioctl() argument
-       should specify the device's major and minor numbers in the old
-       two-byte format, as returned by the stat() function in the .st_rdev
-       member of the stat structure)
 SNAPSHOT_SET_SWAP_AREA - set the resume partition and the offset (in 
        units) from the beginning of the partition at which the swap header is
        located (the last ioctl() argument should point to a struct
        resume_swap_area, as defined in kernel/power/power.h, containing the
-       resume device specification, as for the SNAPSHOT_SET_SWAP_FILE ioctl(),
-       and the offset); for swap partitions the offset is always 0, but it is
-       different to zero for swap files (please see
+       resume device specification and the offset); for swap partitions the
+       offset is always 0, but it is different from zero for swap files (see
        Documentation/swsusp-and-swap-files.txt for details).
-       The SNAPSHOT_SET_SWAP_AREA ioctl() is considered as a replacement for
-       SNAPSHOT_SET_SWAP_FILE which is regarded as obsolete.   It is
-       recommended to always use this call, because the code to set the resume
-       partition may be removed from future kernels
 SNAPSHOT_PLATFORM_SUPPORT - enable/disable the hibernation platform support,
        depending on the argument value (enable, if the argument is nonzero)
diff --git a/kernel/power/power.h b/kernel/power/power.h
index 6ca85fd..8837ea3 100644
--- a/kernel/power/power.h
+++ b/kernel/power/power.h
@@ -154,7 +154,6 @@ struct resume_swap_area {
 #define SNAPSHOT_AVAIL_SWAP            _IOR(SNAPSHOT_IOC_MAGIC, 7, void *)
-#define SNAPSHOT_SET_SWAP_FILE         _IOW(SNAPSHOT_IOC_MAGIC, 10, unsigned 
 #define SNAPSHOT_S2RAM                 _IO(SNAPSHOT_IOC_MAGIC, 11)
                                                        struct resume_swap_area)
diff --git a/kernel/power/user.c b/kernel/power/user.c
index de3fb43..5e866e0 100644
--- a/kernel/power/user.c
+++ b/kernel/power/user.c
@@ -29,10 +29,11 @@
 #include "power.h"
- * NOTE: The SNAPSHOT_PMOPS ioctl is obsolete and will be removed in the
- * future.  It is only preserved here for compatibility with existing userland
- * utilities.
+ * NOTE: The SNAPSHOT_SET_SWAP_FILE and SNAPSHOT_PMOPS ioctls are obsolete and
+ * will be removed in the future.  They are only preserved here for
+ * compatibility with existing userland utilities.
 #define SNAPSHOT_PMOPS         _IOW(SNAPSHOT_IOC_MAGIC, 12, unsigned int)
 #define PMOPS_PREPARE  1
@@ -260,7 +261,7 @@ static int snapshot_ioctl(struct inode *inode, struct file 
+       case SNAPSHOT_SET_SWAP_FILE: /* This ioctl is deprecated */
                if (!swsusp_swap_in_use()) {
                         * User space encodes device types as two-byte values,
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