* Paul Elliott <pelli...@blackpatchpanel.com> [120219 06:54]:
> Dumb question, answer not immediately obvious to me:
> After creating, or cloning a git-dpm repository, how does one get a debian
> source package (.dsc, *.orig.*, *debian.*) out for testing outside of git?

Just call dpkg-buildpackage after getting the .orig.tar.* file.
If the .orig.tar is stored in pristine-tar, git-dpm will try to
get the currently recorded file and check it's contents if you call
it as:

        git-dpm prepare

(You can of course also just call

        pristine-tar checkout ../source_version.orig.tar.gz

manually, if you do not have git-dpm installed).
If the author did not commit the .orig.tar to pristine-tar, then
you will need another way to retrieve it. (uscan sometimes works).
In that case you can also call git-dpm prepare to make sure you
have the correct file (after having placed it in ../).

The idea of git-dpm is that a checked out debian branch behaves just
like a dpkg-source -x extracted directory stored in git, implementing
those merge operations git misses and some shortcuts and checks to
make that manageable.

        Bernhard R. Link

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