* Bernhard R. Link <brl...@debian.org> [120221 11:50]:
> * Paul Elliott <pelli...@blackpatchpanel.com> [120221 09:27]:
> > I believe the problem is the tarball does not untar into 
> > project-version/files,
> > instead the files of the tarball untar directly into .
> > I can attach the source package to an email message if requested. But most
> > mailing lists will not accept attachments.
> The files (or some URL to download them from) would indeed be appreciated.

I think I really need that file, as all test cases  I yet produced seem to
work. (Actually, one example is even part of the testsuite, so if I had
broken it too obviously, I'd have noticed).

         Bernhard R. Link

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