I created a package with import-dsc --ptc

Made a lot of modifications to it.

I then found out I needed to create a dfsg package.

I created dfsg package externally to git-dpm using current
as starting point. New package has a complete new tarball with new name!

When I try to import new .dsc file it complains upstream exists and is not
uptodate. But the results of pull --rebase show it is uptodate!

How do I import a new .dfsg package without deleting previous history?


> pelliott@hrnowl:/home/pelliott/develop/git/pyswisseph/pyswisseph.git$ git
> pull --rebase origin upstream From
> ssh://git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/pyswisseph
>  * branch            upstream   -> FETCH_HEAD
> Current branch upstream is up to date.
> pelliott@hrnowl:/home/pelliott/develop/git/pyswisseph/pyswisseph.git$ git
> checkout master Switched to branch 'master'
> pelliott@hrnowl:/home/pelliott/develop/git/pyswisseph/pyswisseph.git$
> git-dpm import-dsc --ptc ../mod4/pyswisseph_1.77.00.0+dfsg-1.dsc git-dpm:
> ERROR: branch upstream exists and not up to date. Do something against
> this first (for example deleting it if you do not care for its contents).

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