My upstream released a new tar ball.

I did a git-dpm import-new-upstream --ptc new-tarball.

on this tarball.

Followed by

git-dpm dch -- -i

I edited the changelog to indicate correct version.

I really do not understand this from the man page:

man> git-dpm dch -v newupstream-1 "new upstream version"

What exactly is newupstream-1?

And what is "new upstream version"

If the version includes ".ds" or "+dfsg" is that part of these strings?

I find it easier to edit the version
as part of editing the changelog.

It seemed to work so I pushed. And I can't go back.

Then I saw a debian change that needed to be made
requireing a minor (debian only) new version.

I edited and git added debian/control (only), and tried to do
a git-dpm dch  -- -i

Never made it to the editor. Instead I got
> $ git-dpm dch -- -i
> git-dpm: ERROR: debian branch contains non-debian changes:
>  libreoffice-converter.spec
libreoffice-converter.spec is a file the upstream modified
in the last upstream release. (That I already pushed).

What did I do wrong?

And How do I fix it?

Thank You.

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