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On Saturday, April 07, 2012 05:05:21 AM Bernhard R. Link wrote:
> * Paul Elliott <pelli...@blackpatchpanel.com> [120407 10:43]:
> > My upstream released a new tar ball.
> > I did a git-dpm import-new-upstream --ptc new-tarball.
> > on this tarball.
> > Followed by
> > git-dpm dch -- -i
> > 
> > I edited the changelog to indicate correct version.
> > 
> > I really do not understand this from the man page:
> > man> git-dpm dch -v newupstream-1 "new upstream version"
> Oh, there is a -- missing before -v in the manpage.
> It should be
> git-dpm dch -- -v newupstream-1 "new upstream version"
> Everything after the -- is passed to dch (and is described in dch's
> manpage)
> -i
> tells dch to create a new changelog item with the new version being the
> old version incremented.
> -v version
> tell dch to create a new changelog item with the new version as given.
> Anything not being an option given to dch is taken as changelog message.
> Only if no changelog message is given, it spawns an editor.
> So 'dch -v blabla "some text"' is the same like running 'dch -i',
> replacing the version in the first line with 'blabla' moving to the
> new line with '*' generated and appending 'some text' there.
> > I find it easier to edit the version
> > as part of editing the changelog.
> One is as good as the other. git-dpm just calls dch with the arguments
> you gave it and looks what debian/changelog looks like when that
> returns. It does not matter how the contents are generated.
> > Then I saw a debian change that needed to be made
> > requireing a minor (debian only) new version.
> > 
> > I edited and git added debian/control (only), and tried to do
> > a git-dpm dch  -- -i
> That's how it is supposed to work.
> > Never made it to the editor. Instead I got
> > 
> > > $ git-dpm dch -- -i
> > > 
> > > git-dpm: ERROR: debian branch contains non-debian changes:
> > >  libreoffice-converter.spec
> > 
> > libreoffice-converter.spec is a file the upstream modified
> > in the last upstream release. (That I already pushed).
> > 
> > What did I do wrong?
> That should only happen if that file has modifications not from
> the patched branch (including the upstream branch).
> It's also strange that the first git-dpm dch did not show the first
> message.
> Some reasons I can think of:
>  - switching to the new upstream was not complete. i.e. there were
>    patches recorded that still need a git-dpm rebase-patched and
>    git-dpm update-patches.
>    (Though I do not understand why the first git-dpm dch has worked
>     then).

This package has no patches.

>  - the file has actually non-upstream changes. Did you perhaps try
>    a build between the two git-dpm calls and the build is modifying
>    that file? (in that case you might need to clean that up in
>    debian/rules clean).

The file git-dpm is complaining about, libreoffice-converter.spec
is identical to the version in the upstream release, but it is the file that 
release modified.

>  - something else got corrupted.
>    In case of libreoffice-converter, the history of the master branch
>    does not look like something git-dpm would create, but rather
>    something you might get with a git rebase mixing the upstream and
>    the master branch together. You have
>    the commit 72c2d2ea75d56c21b602b0def0cb12761b445c90 in the upstream
>    branch, which looks like the original.
>    the commit 93cb3d76d5d546cdc5394d3220addd2a1e307e97 in the master
>    branch, which looks like a cherry-pick or rebase of the first.
>    the commit 24d249845e9b37676e0dd7e48fab9bb7ecdec020 still recorded
>    as upstream in debian/.git-dpm, which is the previous upstream.
>    That looks like there was a rebase done in master linearizing all
>    commits including the upstream branch.
>    This made it no longer contain your upstream branch and lost the
>    debian/.git-dpm changes (as those are changes in a merge rebase
>    loses them, but as the rebase also loses the commits its refer to
>    that does not matter that much).
>    There are three ways to fix that:
>    - Go back to before the rebase, assuming you still have them in git's
> log and you not care if the published branch moves non-forward.
>    - Re-register and merge the correct upstream branch:
>    git-dpm new-upstream --allow-changes-in-debian-branch
> ../libreoffice-converter_3.3.32.1+ds.orig.tar.gz (Note that this is

The new upstream release is:
That is

But the commit that should have changed it in debian/.git
commit 72c2d2ea75d56c21b602b0def0cb12761b445c90
Author: Paul Elliott <pelli...@blackpatchpanel.com>
Date:   Sat Apr 7 01:16:21 2012 -0500

    Import libreoffice-converter_3.3.34.1+ds.orig.tar.gz

did not change the tarball field in debian/.git-dpm
> # see git-dpm(1) from git-dpm package
> 24d249845e9b37676e0dd7e48fab9bb7ecdec020
> 24d249845e9b37676e0dd7e48fab9bb7ecdec020
> 24d249845e9b37676e0dd7e48fab9bb7ecdec020
> 24d249845e9b37676e0dd7e48fab9bb7ecdec020
> libreoffice-converter_3.3.32.1+ds.orig.tar.gz
> 5f0a015a03b20dddf73133e624fa7bcf5c1d8ceb
> 6529

I fixed it going forward by doing:
git-dpm new-upstream --allow-changes-in-debian-branch

That fixed things so that new "git-dpm dch" now work, but I still have two 
commits that are messed up and can't be fixed because they are already 

In the future I will always check debian/.git-dpm after doing a import-new-
upstream. and do a "git-dpm new-upstream --append" if it does not show the 
tarball changed.

I wish this could be fixed so this is not needed.

> new-upstream and not import-new-upstream as it is only about recording
> your current 'upstream' branch and not creating it. Note that you need
> --allow-changed-in-debian-branch and you will get a warning about them
> because git-dpm only sees changes in your debian-branch (from the rebased
> new upstream) and does not know that those changes it will discard are
> exactly the changes it will merge in from the upstream branch again).

> Hope that helps,
>         Bernhard R. Link
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Thank You for your help.

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