* Kai Storbeck <k...@xs4all.nl> [130612 18:34]:
> Is the master branch in a pre-applied stage? Or in an applied stage?

The master branch is supposed to be in a applied branch. The idea is
that git checkout and a dpkg-source -x should produce comparable
results and something one can just call dpkg-buildpackage in.

> Am I hitting a bug, are the warnings harmless?

Those warnings are harmless. I think they are a minor bug in dpkg
triggered by your first patch only removing files. (dpkg tries to
detect whether all patches are properly applied by trying to
apply them and the first patch triggers an warning instead of an
error so that is output).
Note that removing those files via a patch is quite a unusual and
wasteful way (they are fully included in the diff a second time).
It might be better to remove them at the proper place.

What is a bug is that git-dpm fails to parse Author: <email>
in those patches (without any name given). It might make sense
to run git-dpm linearize and ammending those commits to get the
right author and not the Author: artefact there. (fixed in git-dpm's
git repository in case you want to reimport it instead).

        Bernhard R. Link

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