* Paul Elliott <pelli...@blackpatchpanel.com> [130812 19:27]:
> One of the patches in debian/patches has been accepted
> by the upstream and is not needed anymore, because all of
> the changes are in the new upstream.
> What is the official way of getting rid of the patch from
> debian/patches?
> Is there a way to get
> git-dpm import-new-upstream  --rebase
> to do an interactive rebase? That way one could
> delete the whole patch in one fell swoop.

If the patch was added verbatimly and none of the context changed
then git rebase will realize it and just drop it without you having
to do anything.

If it it is not exactly the same patch or the context changed there
will usually be conflicts via rebase, which means git rebase drops
you to a shell to resolve it. There you can look what the differences
are and just "git-rebase --skip" to drop it (and proceed with rebasing).

In the rare case that git will still apply it or parts of it (your
patch had some independent part not taken upstream then the rebased
patch will only have that part missing), you will have to do a
interactive rebase afterwards manually (e.g. git-dpm linearize) to
drop the remaining parts.

        Bernhard R. Link

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