* Paul Elliott <pelli...@blackpatchpanel.com> [130828 06:25]:
> What is the official git-dpm way to delete a patch
> that is not wanted anymore? The public branches
> have been pushed and so cannot be changed, only added
> to.
> The way I have been doing it is
>  git-dpm checkout-patched  #checkout patched branch
>  rebase -i                 #remove commit that coresponds to the patch
>  git-dpm update-patches    #go back to master with patch deleted in new 
> commits
> Is this the correct way to remove an unwanted patch?

Yes, it is indeed the correct one. (Except when you drop the last patch
then you need a --allow-revert to update-patches to avoid the

> I can not find the official way documented anywhere.

It's just a special form of editing your patched branch. Where do you
think would adding something about that fit best?

        Bernhard R. Link

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