The first incarnations of my packanging effort for a project
did not use git dpm. I therefore have a bunch of
.dsc source repositories that I want to be my first
commits. I am having trouble importing the first one 
after "git init".

If I startoff with a git-dpm import-tar the whole
commit appears in a "detached head". but I can get
around that by renaming the commit to be "upstream"
and it is not lost any more.

The problem happens when I do a "git-dpm import-dsc".
It always complains that master does not exist.

If I get around that by doing an empty commit first
with --allow-empty, then it complains that debian/.git-dpm
does not exist.

 git-dpm import-dsc -b master --patch-system history 
git-dpm: ERROR: master does not exists, but upstream does. import-dsc does not 
know that this means.


pelliott@hrnowl:~/develop/debian/peless.git-dpm$ git-dpm import-dsc 
--patch-system history ../debian145/peless_1.145-1.dsc
git-dpm: ERROR: Missing file debian/.git-dpm

What is the correct way to import a tar.gz and a .dsc into
git-dpm after a "git init"?

Thank You.

lsb_release -a
No LSB modules are available.
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Description:    Debian GNU/Linux unstable (sid)
Release:        unstable
Codename:       sid

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