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Le 01/09/2014 19:38, Bernhard R. Link a écrit :
> * Louis Bouchard <louis.bouch...@canonical.com> [140901 12:47]:
>> I am kind of stucked in a particular situation. I  have made a change to the
>> branch that I maintain with git-dpm that is not in ./debian and is also not 
>> part
>> of the upstream tarball.
>> In short, it is a change to the .travis.yml file that controls the travis-ci
>> builds. Now when I try to cherry-pick a patch I get :
> Does "not part of the upstream tarball" means you added an additional
> file?
> For a 3.0 quilt package a new file (outside debian/) has to come with a
> patch, so with git-dpm that file has to be added in a commit in the
> (temporary) patched branch.

Turns out that that .travis.yml file is indeed in the tarball, even if it
doesn't belong there, so the error is completely valid.

Thanks you for the explanation.

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