Some of you may be aware that the Debian Python teams are investigating
transitioning team packages from svn to git.  We're in the experiment & learn
phase, so we're not yet ready to do a wholesale transition.

One of the things we're doing is investigating git-dpm, gbp-pq, and possibly
dgit as the "regimes" under which we want our future git packages to conform.

One of the interesting features of gbp is its 'import-dscs --debsnap'
feature.  This uses debsnap to download all the package snapshots and
bootstrap a full upload history of the package.  It's not perfect, but in many
cases it's good enough, and it's a really simple way to bootstrap a git

git-dpm only has import-dsc which just imports a single source package
version.  It's not as full-featured as gbp-import-dscs but it's a fine basis
on which to script something more comprehensive.  The one-shell-fits-all of
git-dpm is a bit imposing for a quick experimental hack, so I fell back on
Python 3 to do the dirty work for now.

If you're interested in taking a closer look:

$ git clone git://

Then you can run:

$ git init colorama
$ cd colorama
$ ../ python-colorama

Remember, this is just a quicky branch to play with the idea.  I'd really like
to know if the resulting local repo structure is correct, or if anything else
needs to be done to make it compatible with git-dpm.

Feel free to steal whatever ideas are useful for git-dpm.  I'm not sure atm,
whether I'll spend the time to shellify it, but it probably wouldn't be hard.
I think it would be a nice feature.


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