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>I am not able to firgure out how to create a git-dpm project from an
>pre-existing debian source package.

I am advocating that the Debian Python teams switch to git-dpm[*].  git-dpm
itself has an import-dsc command that includes a --ptc switch to create the
pristine-tar branch.  It works great.

I also have a script which can be used to bootstrap a git-dpm repo for a
package that has a history of uploads to Debian.   This works great if you
don't care about all the intermediate commits, such as you might get out of a
DPMT svn tree, but only care about the history of uploads.  I've used this to
convert a few test packages from svn to git-dpm, and if we do end up choosing
git-dpm, it might serve as the tool to effect a mass conversion.  In any case:



[*] This is not official team policy, just my personal preference atm.

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