I have three repositories, A, B and C. I wish to bring them together
to only one repository (.), where they are in a directory called ./
Archive, so.. ./Archive/{A,B,C}. Then I plan at a later date to move
files arbitrarily from ./Archive/{A/B/C}/Something and into ./
Something{A/B/C}. (A lame example, but illustrates what I want to do).

I would like ./SomethingA (etc) to have their complete histories from
the old repository. I thought I would do this with the subtree
mechanism described at 
but I have had little luck getting it to work as I desired.

Firstly, I create a new repository with git init, then I "remote add
A", "merge" and "readtree". This immediately leads to two copies of
A's files, in ./Archive/A/Files and ./Files. The files in Archive/A do
not have any history.

Then if I do this with B, the files do not appear in ./, but again
they do not have their history. I have tried using git log --follow -
M, but this does not seem to help. I have tried numerous other
strategies, but none seem to work.

I thought I would get around my problems doing the merge, then moving
the files - this works for A, but when I move on to B, the files are
not in ./, so I can't move them. If I read-tree some files, git status/
commit shows them as 'new files' and does not seem to recognize them
as old files with a long history.

Any help would be appreciated on this problem.

Thanks in advance,

- Peter
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