I'm working on a project with submodules. Another developer started
the git repository and added a couple of submodules.
When I went to clone this repository it checked out fine, but when I
run "git submodule init" and then "git submodule update" I get this
   > error: pathspec '236f5ce7d5002adc364fe6e773cb729f6b24fbe1' did
not match any file(s) known to git.
   > Unable to checkout '236f5ce7d5002adc364fe6e773cb729f6b24fbe1' in
submodule path 'vendor/extensions/concurrent_draft'

There have been no changes made to the submodule files.
If he tries to make a new clone of the repo on his system he gets no
such error at that point and the submodules update just fine. So we
believe there is something wrong on my machine but there is no way to
verify this.
We are both on Mac OS X 10.5.4, using git-core as built from MacPorts
with the +bash_completion, +doc, and +svn variants. We have the same
version of git and all of it's dependents.
Both of our ~/.gitconfig files appear to be functionally equivalent.

Any help in narrowing down this problem or any potential solutions
would be greatly appreciated.


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