I forgot to mention, I'm using git on Debian 4.0.  I'm using
the binary download (.tar.bz2) from the git website.

On Sep 9, 4:22 pm, Jonathan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'm using Git for a project that contains huge (multi-gigabyte)
> files.  I need to track these files, but with some of the really big
> ones, git-add aborts with the message "fatal: Out of memory, malloc
> failed".  Also, git-gc sometimes fails because it can't allocate
> enough memory.  I've been using the "--window-memory" option to git-
> repack to work around the git-gc problem, but I don't know of a
> similar trick for git-add.  Is there any way (aside from adding more
> memory, of course) that I can deal with these huge files?
> Thanks in advance.
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