> Cherry pick should do that, but I don't think it would work as well as
> regular merges.  It would still require a fair amount of work to
> maintain what you want to move.

What kind of work do you mean?

> It sounds like it might help to alter
> your flow somewhat.  It sounds like you should consider having dev
> branches for each of your products too.  And put changes that should
> only go to one product on those.

The products are in fact versions of the same product: the development
code is frozen when we compile images to distribute - these images are
the production versions. However, the production versions aren't
completely frozen because we can still apply changes to them via
patches (lisp files that get loaded and compiled at run time).

In my opinion we actually abuse this ability to patch the product and
don't release new versions often enough. Nevertheless, it's always
going to happen.

Given that these frozen versions are so malleable, I would like to
treat them as active branches, instead of static snapshots. I'd like
to be able to view the code we have in production as the head of a
branch. I can't do that at the moment: any given function can be in
one of two places: if it's unchanged since the image was compiled,
it's still in the main development branch; if it has changed, it's in
a patch file somewhere.

I believe it would be better to commit changes that are specific to a
particular version on that version's branch, and commit common changes
to the development branch and then cherry pick them across to the
versions that need them. It should be possible to automatically
generate patch files (in the lisp sense) by diff-ing the current state
of a version against the state of the code when the version was

It's the fact that our frozen versions aren't so very frozen that is
making me so confused...

Tom SW

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