I've been a Svn user for years and a Git user for new projects in the
last few months. Though I'm a LONG way from being an expert, I like
enough things about Git that I'd like to use it with my existing svn
repositories. To that end, enter git-svn. What I've bumped into are a
few questions that I'm hoping someone can help me with.

1. Having cloned a current Svn repository ( git svn clone -s
https://svn.mydomain.com/myproject/ workingdirectory), I'm under the
assumption that it's pulled all of my branches and tags, but "git
branch" returns only "master". I'd like to be working on a branch that
exists in Svn (at branches/development/newfeature), but does not
appear to exist in my cloned repository. Am I missing something?

2. What is a "remote branch", exactly? I see references to local vs.
remote, but I don't understand how they're different from each other
in terms of behavior or my own interaction. I understand what the
works local and remote mean, just not sure how it applies here. I
assumed that cloning meant that everything became local. Hopefully
that makes sense.

Thanks for your help.
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