Hi all,

Together with a friend I am currently working on a small project. A
third person is interested to help out and obviously get access to the
source code. Now, neither me nor my friend have ever seen any code
written by this guy. So we have not yet established any trust in his
code quality ;)

Yet, as I know him as a person quite well, I'd very much like to give
him access to the project as well. Essentially, git works well for
such a case, because he can clone the repository and work on his own
in his cloned repo. When he's done some work, I'd like to inspect his
changes and, if satisfactory, pull them into the main repo.

As an initial step, he will work only on one specific subtree of the
project, so when pulling in his changes, I'd like to only pull in
changes from that subdirectory. Is this possible?

Assuming I have the main-repo in "/home/me/project" and he has his
clone in "/home/him/project" and the project has the following

   +- ui
   +- daemon
      +- playmodes
      +- players

and he is to be working on "project/daemon/players" but on nothing
else. Assuming he also decides to fool around with the UI (he
certainly may do so), and he makes UI-changes that we don't want to
merge upstream, but the changes he made in "project/daemon/players" a
freaking awesome and we really want to merge them.

How can I pull only that subdirectory into the main repo?

Assuming my current working directory is "/home/me/project" I can
obviously do:

git pull . /home/him/project

but that would merge all his changes (if I remember the command
corerrectly). However, this is not what I want, and

git pull . /home/him/project/daemon/players

does not work
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