I am using an OSX app which keeps its work in "package" format i.e. as
a directory with internal files and sub-directories, but made to look
like a single file to the Finder. The application creates & deletes
sub-directories as I work.

I tried to use SVN to version control. SVN needs to store a .svn
directory within every managed directory, and SVN got quite messed up
when the application removed a sub-directory (with its nested .svn).

Will Git work OK with this kind of workflow (I may not have all the
git terms right) ?
- create nested directory structure
- check-in or "commit" it to git
- edit directory structure (create | delete sub-dirs) at operating
system level
- check-in or "commit" new structure to git

If so, any pointers to the correct "git" terminology and steps to
follow would be much appreciated!

Thanks - Sophie
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