On Mar 13, 8:56 pm, kineticac <kineti...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Is there anyway I can get my SVN tags and branches into our git remote
> repository?

I've just migrated my SubVersion repository to Git. The new Git
repository contains all my previous branches and tags. The following
URL was followed, which gives excellent instructions.

-------------- converting SubVersion branches and tags to Git
At this point your entire subversion repository has been imported into
git and we want to create a tag in git that corresponds to each of the
tags in subversion:

$ git branch -r | sed -rne 's, *tags/([...@]+)$,\1,p' | while read tag;
do echo "git tag $tag 'tags/${tag}^'; git branch -r -d tags/$tag";
done | sh

Then, for each svn branch, we create a branch in git:

$ git branch -r | grep -v tags | sed -rne 's, *([...@]+)$,\1,p' | while
read branch; do echo "git branch $branch $branch"; done | sh

These two commands will import every tag and branch from subversion.
Sometimes git finds branches that you didn’t know existed. Just delete
whatever branches and tags that you don’t want persisted.

Hope this helps...


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