My question might seem a little dumb and I beg your pardon for that. I
thought it would be natural to do what I wanted but it did not give
the expected results. Hence my question on this group...

I develop code at home and in a lab. I've setup a reference repository
on a secured server to allow for code share between my home and lab

>From the Lab, I have three branches: "master", "dij", "network". I
push my work to the safe repository almost every day.

At home, I have a repo with two branches so far: "master" and

Yesterday, I wanted to pull the "dij" branch from the safe repo to my
house. I am now thinking I did not issue the good command for
retrieving the "dij" branch on my computer:
$ git pull origin dij
where "origin" is the name of my safe repo.

My idea was to get the "dij" branch from origin attached to my actual
HEAD, locally. I wanted to retrieve the whole branch "dij" from the
"origin" repo to my home repo. What happened is it merged the dij/HEAD
to my master/HEAD.

Any idea of how this can be achieved, or even if this can be achieved
at all?


- Eric
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