On  0, Dave L <dly...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have just started to use git and I am getting this error:
> error: Entry 'config/environment.rb' not uptodate. Cannot merge.
> I am trying to sync up two computers to use a central repository on
> git and I think I am getting this error b/c I have changed something
> in the environment.rb file on the computer I am trying to pull to.
> How do I go about ignoring this change and overwriting with a pull
> from git?

git checkout HEAD config/environment.rb
git pull origin master

As a general rule of thumb, everything works much better
if you stay clean when updating your files.

By updating, I mean any operation the typical operations
that touch your work tree:
        merge, rebase, pull, etc.

Run 'git status' and if it says you're clean, then
you're ready to update.  If you're dirty then
you should consider committing your changes first.

cleanliness is godliness, or something like that ;)



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