I'm trying to merge two branches of my superproject that each have the
same submodule, but have different branches referenced within the
submodule. When I merge, I receive conflicts. And it looks like it
adds additional submodules.

How do I handle conflicts with submodules? With normal/file conflicts,
I can edit the offending files, use git mergetool, add/rm/commit using
standard git conventions, etc. But I have no clue how to wrangle
submodule conflicts.

$ git checkout master
$ git submodule
qw3rty...321e subby (v1.0)
$ git checkout branch_uno
$ git submodule
asdfgh...456d subby (v1.1)

$ git pull . master
Auto-merged schema
CONFLICT (submodule): Merge conflict in subby - needs qu3rty...321e
Automatic merge failed; fix conflicts and then commit the results.

$ git submodule
qw3rty...321e subby (v1.0)
asdfgh...456d subby (v1.1)
zxcvbn...7890 subby (v1.1~1)

It looks like it keeps the subby branch (v1.1) from the superproject
branch_uno, then fetches the master's subby branch (v1.0) and then
also creates a merge of both (v1.1~1).

In this case, I would like to say, keep the original submodule and
dump the other two.

I can't even find where these *new* submodules are recorded in
the .git directory. My .git/config and .gitmodules are the same as
they were before the merge. Where does git store the SHA for each

(And this example may seem a little wonky in execution. I think the
standard workflow would be to create a new branch for the new
submodule version and merge back into the master. But I am trying to
set up some branches for differing versions of the submodules and I
really want to keep the submodules branches intact and only bring the
changes of the superproject from branch to branch. If I could do a
merge and ignore the submodules, I would be content...for now. (And
cherry-picking would be a major chore with our current branch system
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