Pretty new on git (or any other version control system)

I use multiple machines. I would like to able to maintain my projects
from multiple machines. So I thought of using git (I know git is way
more than that).

The scenario is this:

I have a laptop at home
I have a laptop at school

at school I have access to a school linux account that allows me
access over ssh. I have some space on this school linux account.

I started a project on school laptop. Created a bare git repository.
Copied the repository on my school linux account. But I cannot clone
from it.  It gives me

bash: line 1: git-upload-pack: command not found
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

My uneducated guess is that git-upload-pack on the server was not
found. My question is, why would my school linux server need git? Can
I not just use it as a space?

Perhaps this is a stupid question. But if I copy the  bare git
repository on a USB pen drive, its all good. The only difference is
that I want to use my school linux account as space to just keep the
bare repository. My laptops would do the pushing and pulling. Don't
need any capability from the school linux account.

Does this question make sense? Can any one help?


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