On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 04:42:18PM -0700, p_W wrote:
> My Ubuntu 9.04 came with git  I have downloaded, compiled,
> and installed 1.6.3.  I have also 'sudo apt-get remove git git-svn' to
> try and get rid of the original package.  However, when I run 'git --
> version' it still says  Do I need to remove git-core?  I am
> afraid that if I do then it will stop working all together.

It's likely that you're finding the wrong git binary.
Check the output of `which git`.

If you remove git-core then things will probably work better.
Where did you install the git you compiled yourself?

By default, running 'make install' installs git to ~/bin/git,
so all you have to do is add $HOME/bin to your $PATH and things
will work.


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