I'm with the following problem.

I have a git repository in a VPS with 360mb of ram.

Unfortunately, I started tracking a SQL.dump file (bad idea, by the
way). That file grew bigger and bigger and it's almost 50mb now. My
repository is about 400mb!
And when I try to run git gc inside the project I get:

Counting objects: 3290, done.
warning: suboptimal pack - out of memory
fatal: Out of memory, malloc failed)
error: failed to run repac

If I try to clone the project in my local machine I get simillar out-
of-memory errors.
I tried to revert some commits but It didn't work.

So, how can I find these big files (the different versions) and get
rid of them so I can shrink the repository size?
Does someone have a clue of what can I do?

On my local machine I'm running version and on the VPS version ( I updated it to latest version to ceck if it would solve the

Thanks for your attention
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