On Sun, Jul 05, 2009 at 08:12:05PM -0700, beam_me_up wrote:
> I'm investigating moving to git for a large Mac OS X project. Most
> edits will be done with an editor that produces files with CR as the
> end-of-line character. I have no control over this.

git config core.autocrlf true


> Since git seems to understand only LFs, the diff process doesn't work,
> since it sees entire files as one line. If I use autocrlf=true I still
> have a problem because then, even though the stored files have
> "proper" newlines, edited ones don't, and again it is impossible to
> spot differences.
> Is there a solution to this? Does anyone know if Bazaar and Mercurial
> have this problem?
> We are now using CVS, with a GUI called MacCVSClientX, which somehow
> is able to handle files with either CR or LF EOL characters.
> > 


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