I'm encountering some strange behavior so I'm hoping someone can help
shed some light on this. When I do a git push, it ends with a "fatal:
The remote end hung up unexpectedly" but checking the git logs and the
remote repo seems to indicate the push went through fine. Rerunning
the git push returns "Everything is up to date".

So a little background, I have dropbear and git installed on a Palm
Pre and am trying to commit changes to a repo on gitorious. Since
dropbear is kind of screwy, I had to create a shell script (called
sssh) that does the equivalent of

        ssh ~/.ssh/id_rsa $*

as dropbear will not automatically scan for the public key.
Additionally, I have defined GIT_SSH to be /opt/bin/sssh.

So at this point, everything seems to work (i.e. the push happens) but
I am not sure why the "fatal" message keeps popping up. Any ideas/

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