On 22 Lip, 14:05, Felipe Cypriano <fmcypri...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> First off all I'm not familiar with git, so it's very possible that I did
> something wrong. The thing is I'm trying to use git as a local repository of
> my company's central SVN.
> I did the git svn clone using --stdlayout, everything worked fine. Then the
> SVN was updated and I wanted to update the local git repo as well and I
> executed this:
> # git svn fetch
> The output show the correct modifications made in SVN. But when I executed
> git log, the last log message wasn't the most updated one and in fact was
> the log of the last revision obtained through git clone. Because fetch
> didn't worked as I expected I try another command:
> D:\GitClones\vc-web>git svn rebase
> Current branch master is up to date.
> But the log still not updated:
> D:\GitClones\vc-web>git log
> Commit:41cb0defd677a0461213143e099c886f4f575b12
> * Versão corrigida da primeira iteração. Agora os testes funcionam.
> git-svn-id:https://svn.com.br/svn/Java/vc-web/tags/v2.0
> i...@7656c15c411-516b-bc47-9aa6-ae95ab4a5d40
> And using TortoiseGit (I don't know how to do it using git commands) the
> last log for remotes/trunk is:
> Commit:a39752ed542fa08a8d9f45260700bb2b78841bef
> * Adicionada configurações de execução para o projeto vc-web
> git-svn-id:https://svn.com.br/svn/Java/vc-web/tr...@7726c15c411-516b-bc47-9aa6-a...
> The only strange thing that I see is that the branch master is pointing to a
> tag, this tag was the last commit by the time I execute git clone. Is it
> possible that the master is pointing to the tag? How could I make it point
> to trunk?

first rename current master to something else:
 * git branch -m master notwork

second check your remote branches (local copies of remote branches):
 * git branch -r

you should see 'trunk' there, so you can make local branch 'master'
from this remote branch
 * git checkout -b master trunk

now you can use:
 * git svn fetch - fetch data from svn to local copies of remote
branches inside .git directory
 * git svn rebase - merge fetched changes to your current branch
 * git commit - to make local commits
 * git svn dcommit - to push your local commits to svn

finally you can delete broken branch:
 * git branch -D notwork ; -D means force delete

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