git branch -D -- --tracksolr-1-3

those extra -- tell git to stop checking for options

Dave Smith

2009/8/10 pharkle <>

> I wish I hadn't done this... but I accidentally named a branch "--
> tracksolr-1-3" and now can neither delete it with git branch -D nor
> check it out with git checkout.  e.g.:
> >>git branch -D "--tracksolr-1-3"
> error: unknown option `tracksolr-1-3'
> >>git checkout --tracksolr-1-3
> error: unknown option `tracksolr-1-3'
> Neither quotes nor backslash escaping the hyphens in the branch name
> seem to do the trick.... I guess I should just rm -rf my repo and
> check it out again?  Is that the only thing one can do?
> Thanks,
> Alex
> >

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