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On Sep 2, 4:09 pm, Rick DeNatale <> wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 2, 2009 at 6:26 PM, Kelvin<> wrote:
> > Hi friends,
> > Our team is considering switching to git and I had one question for
> > you. One of the most attractive features of Git is the branching.
> > However, is it possible to sync your local branch with a remote server
> > without merging it with HEAD?
> I assume you mean without merging it with master, you merge branches,
> in git HEAD is not the same thing as (the main/a) branch.
> > The primary reason for me to want this is so that I can keep checking
> > in my code into a remote repo as a backup. From what I understood,
> > each person would have their own local repository and I would commit
> > my code against my local repo. However, this means all my changes are
> > only located on my own physical machine (and are not backed up).
> Just push the branch as in
> git push remote my_branch
> Now you might run into an issue of master (or an ancestor branch of
> your branch) has changed since you created the branch which will cause
> the push to fail with a complaint about not being a "fast-forward",
> you can resolve this usually with a git pull --rebase to rebase your
> branch on the changes to your branches ancestor(s).
> See the man page for git-push in the section on fast forwards.
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