I'm using git locally and interfacing with an svn repo.  My workflow
is something like:

git checkout master
git svn rebase              #pull svn changes
git checkout -b myfeature   #create local branch for hacking
                            #hack hack hack my feature
git commit -a               #commit my hack changes
git checkout master
git svn rebase              # get any more changes from svn
git checkout myfeature
git rebase master           # rebase master into myfeature
git checkout master
git merge myfeature         # merge myfeature back into master
git svn dcommit             # check it into svn

Only problem is master won't work locally due to a bunch of
environment specific settings (Think IP address, and path information
hard coded. Yes I know this is bad.) Right now I'm saving all of the
environment specific files in an external directory and everytime I do
a checkout I copy the files into my working copy, diffing them before
I copy, to see if they have been changed in any way. Needless to say
this is a major pain.

Any suggestions on how to manage the enviornment specific files?

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