I would like to create an archive of a subset of the content tracked
by my repository. Ruling out some options:

- I'd really like to use git-archive, since it's far faster than
manually using tar with a file list. I assume this is because git can
read out of the repo, which is compressed and therefore requires less
disk access. The repo in question is on an NFS mount, so disk access
is especially expensive.

- The subset is best specified by inclusive patterns (e.g. *.c, *.h),
so gitattributes' export-ignore is not ideal.

- git-archive can't read from stdin or from a file containing a list
of files. The list of files desired is too long to use a solution like
"git archive master $(git ls-files *.c *.h)" - I get an 'argument list
is too long' error.

Any suggestions? Something besides improving git-archive, hopefully.

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