For your specific question, I'm not sure there's a way.  It's not
something that could be solved with gitattributes, is it?  That'd let
you use external diff on a subset of files.  Otherwise, I'd suggest
just making some aliases, something like:

df = diff --no-ext-diff
dfe = diff --ext-diff


On Sep 21, 2:56 am, Jeenu <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a wrapper script whose name I've set to the diff.external
> configuration. But I tend to use the internal diff often but now have
> to pass the --no-ext-diff option every time I want to view a normal
> diff. Is there a way to have the --ext-diff as the default option, but
> still keeping the script's name in diff.external config?
> Thanks
> :J
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