On Sep 23, 5:42 pm, Simon wrote:

> /base ------  /common_dir1
>            \  \  \ /common_dir2
>             \  \   /site1
>              \     /site2
> What I'd like to do is to be able to setup a repository to track all
> changes to /base, /common_dir1, /common_dir2 & /site1 and another
> seperate repository to track /base, /common_dir1, /common_dir2 & /
> site2.

May be just create three repos: one for base + common_dir1 +
and another two -- for sites?
Then you could deploy each site like this:
1) Clone "common" repository and get the base directory with common
2) Clone the site repository under the base directory.
3) Add the just created site directory to the .gitignore site located
under /base.

The compilcation is that whenever you modify both common files and
site-specific files during one unit of work, you will need to commit
(and push) updates separately in each repository. But as I understand
submodules, they would require essentialy the same approach.
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