I am attempting to use git and capistrano for the first time.
The repository checks out O.k., and I am able to do a push or a pull.

However when trying to do

     cap deploy

I git an error in

   executing locally: "git ls-remote kko...@pad-
PlanningArchitectureDesign.git master"

When I just use the command in the shell, it executes fine,

    cde1206d66e457e24ca1e679a244ae6e18276c7e        refs/heads/master

but when run from cap deploy, I get the following error:

deploy/scm/git.rb:215:in `query_revision': private method `split'
called for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)

Any ideas why this would work fine from the shell command line, but
fail in the cap deploy?



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